BBQ BOAT PARIS – Bateau barbecue

Barbecue Boat
6 Persons
4 hours

Visit Paris in a new way with our Barbecue Boat formula
6 Persons during
4 hours

Looking for a unique and relaxing experience in Paris? Then board our BBQ boats to discover the city's beautiful urban landscape while cruising on the Seine. Whether you are a tourist or a resident, take advantage of the 6 person BBQ Boat for unforgettable moments of conviviality with your loved ones. Enjoy an extraordinary experience with our 6 person BBQ Boat offer!

Being the captain of your own boat gives you a sense of freedom and a feeling of accomplishment like no other. So jump at the bandwagon and give it a try.

You can even bring your own ingredients and enjoy your own barbecue or leave it to us to treat your taste buds. We offer 3 options: the Butcher's menu, the Sushi Boat menu and the Sea Food menu. And if you prefer to just have an aperitif, we provide a bowl full of ice cubes to cool you down.

Our 6 person BBQ Boat is perfect for gourmet getaways or family time. And if you're looking for an original way to have a romantic candlelight dinner, then this is the perfect opportunity!

This offer is available every day from 10am to 22pm


Feel free to call us

+33 628 845 243

You have the option of bringing your own meal or choosing from one of our menus!

Meaty menu

savourer un menu boucher a bord des barbecues boat paris

On the menu we offer
1 fresh season's salad
Grill meat assortment
Skewers, Mergez, Chipolata
Fresh fruit salad
Soft drink (33cl)

Sea Food Menu

Degustez nos fruit de mer a bord des barbecues boat paris

To make your tastebuds salivate
6 oysters (cat3)
150g of whelks
100gr pink Madagascar shrimp
80gr grey shrimp
Fresh fruit salad
Soft drink (33cl)

Sushis Menu

Savourez des sushis a bord des bateaux barbecue paris

Couldn't be better
Cabbage salad
Set of 28 pieces
Sushi, Maki, Sashimi
Fresh fruit salad
Soft drink (33cl)